Thoughts for Wandering to.

Life is change. It is experiencing every waking moment, and understanding that it will never be exactly the same. 7/18/17

Only by weighing each one of our actions, can we change our future. Free will is not the ability to, “control your actions,” but rather the ability to understand your past, and learn what is needed to change your future. The rest is up to Willpower. 7/18/17

Does being born a virus make you a sinner from birth? 6/25/17

There is a misconception about what it is to be a spiritual person. All it takes, is questioning yourself. It is the abilty to recognise your own actions, but instead of accepting them as your own, you question their source. You ask yourself, “why am I angry? Why am I sad? Why am I happy?” The more we ask ourselves questions, and the more we solve ourselves, the more we grow an ability to see beyond oneself, because your identity is no longer part of the image. All that exists is love, and you are part of that.
And if you are not a spiritual person, spiritually different, or disagree, we love you too, because it is harmonious to do so. 6/14/17
Humans are unaware of the fact that their desire for a “better” existence, is merely the next existence, no more beautiful than ours, trying to force out our present human existence. 6/8/17
“Truth” is an impossible concept of human creation. However, Trust is very real. Trust All. 5/20/17
Sometimes we get so used to our reality, we forget we are capable of more. 5/20/17
Materiality is but a dream of the Spiritual reality. Never be afraid to wake up from that dream. 4/1/17