Be Noble

Willpower is the level of how actively a goal is pursued. A strong willpower is the stuff leaders are made of, because they are constantly striving to reach their goals. However, the different types of leadership are based off of the foundation of that willpower. Those who actively pursue and achieve goals through corrupt means, through lying, cheating, and stealing, may be powerful leaders, but their foundation is faulty and full of cracks and holes. These leaders have no character other than deceit. They are even a lie to themselves. A truthful and loving leader is quite the opposite. They understand that the riteous way to achieve goals is not through the quickest means necessary, but by pouring their sweat and soul into their foundation, their character. These are leaders that inspire, and people want to follow them because of their active motivation for love and growth. An honorable leader can be noble from any birth, and from any background, so long as they have built themselves to be nothing other than genuine and just. The difficulty of this world comes from the discord between these types of leaders. The corrupt leader, rules with fear and is actually themself, quite fearful. This fear governs them, just as they seek to govern others, and in here lies the struggle, because the leader of noble character refuses this idea of government. They do not seek to govern others, the same way they are opposed to being governed. The corrupt leader has a need to fill their life, as well as others, with titles and labels. The corrupt leader only sees value and worth through worldly possessions and positions. The corrupt leader sees no one as their equal and treats others thusly. The riteous and noble leader sees no labels or titles, because they understand that these are merely limitations of the mind, created by man to hold fellow men and woman captive to their status. The honorable leader, sees worth and value in all things, in harmony and chaos, in material and spirit, because there is no existence without these things present. A leader of valor, understands that no two living things are equal in experience and ability, but they are all equally beautiful. The current state of the world is a difficult one to grasp and understand. There is a swarm of unjust leaders in power, there are many people fearful of a world with or without them, there are new ideas and followings being thrust out in every direction and people are fearful of rejecting or being rejected by them, our youth and children are future prisoners of a system that values war, and violence, and labels, and sickness, and possessions, more than their developement and growth. 2017 is governed by fear, and the fear is so powerful that our spiritual leaders and virtuous guides are no longer considered of any value. The people of fear have pushed out any notion that a noble character can still exist. But it is these same fear filled people who are needed to save this existence, should it be saved. Our fearful need to learn to trust again. Our deceitful need to learn how to love again, our corrupt need to look outward again to see the poison of their ways and to feel their heart again. I ask of those who are willing. Love in the face of fear, laugh alongside those considered sick or damaged, and demonstrate the value of genuine character and trust. This is the only path I see that can restore the value of this existence we’ve been blessed with. Hold yourself and others to the virtue and valor we are all born capable of, because the truthful leader of this existence is you. Make it an existence you want to share.